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Dear Neighbor,

Severe weather, rising temperatures, fires, floods, and droughts are affecting the way we live and the quality of life of future generations. We all need to be part of the solution if we’re going to reduce emissions enough to protect our future. 

The good news: there are actions everyone can take that will make a meaningful difference. 

The better news: most of these actions are easy and will also save money, improve our health, and protect the quality of life in our city.

The Cupertino Climate Challenge makes it easy and fun to learn what actions you can take while providing advice and local resources. The Challenge is a digital concierge that helps you create your own personal climate action plan. It provides a set of strategies intended to guide greenhouse gas emissions reduction efforts, typically through a combination of personal and community action. It also allows you to join into teams, track your progress, share ideas with your neighbors, and engage in a friendly competition that brings us closer together as a community.

We as your neighbors are looking forward to seeing every household, school, church, and neighborhood take part in the challenge.  Together we are making a difference!   

/S the City of Cupertino Sustainability Commission

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Actions are simple everyday things that you can do to reduce your impact, and many also save you money. Click on a category below to explore the actions.

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Create a team of households so you can collaborate together. Discuss actions with the whole community. And compete with other communities too!

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